I Am Here You Are Now


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Hailey Moy
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Hailey Moy OKETO has such a unique, authentic sound that draws you in and hooks you. A wonderful band from my hometown who I'm looking forward to more music from!! Favorite track: Vogene.
William Nevjen
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William Nevjen Lovely music from a band that deserves more recognition. Favorite track: Vogene.
Trevor Hennig
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Trevor Hennig Amazing stuff, no one sounds quite like Oketo Favorite track: Vogene.
Preben Olafsen
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Preben Olafsen Listen. You like music? Buy this album. You enjoy listening to music while driving? Buy this album. You miss your mama singing you goodnight songs? Buy this album. You having a crisis trying to figure out you are a dog person or cat woman?

I honestly don't know if this album will help you. But it will get you in the right mood. Favorite track: Box of Blue.
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    1. Box of Blue
    2. Simple Sound
    3. Vogene
    4. Forward Feeling
    5. In Between Invisible Lines
    6. I Am Here You Are Now

    Released on February 8, 2016

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Recorded between August 2015 and January 2016.


released February 8, 2016

Recorded by Sean Joyce at Sean Joyce Audio
Produced by Oketo
Mixed by Rusty Knobs
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering

Album Art by Steve Delair

All songs written, arranged and performed by Oketo
Lyrics written by Steven DeLair II

Steven DeLair - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Brandon Elwell - Keys, Guitar, Trombone, Vocals
Bradley Clevinger - Drums, Vocals
Collin McCarthy - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Buethe - Bass, Vocals



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Oketo Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Ne


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Track Name: Box of Blue
Remember your name, the father that gave, the mother that slaved,
All for you
If that’s not the case, don’t you lose faith, were an imperfect race,
No need to remind you
You’re a timeless time in a foreign fix, you’re feeling brave again,
Under a different skin

HoW TheY RaiseD YoU, Don’T LeT it PhasE YoU,
PuzzleS PiecE to FaLL AparT,
We ArE ThE FuturE, OuR FatE WilL FinD US,
Don’T ForgeT IT,
ComforT CurE, YoU ArE YouR OnlY FEAR

With Bodies ground in the grave,
Remember what you have before its too late,
Money Mouth Keep it Clipped,
Educate to forget it,
Follow footsteps fleeing a path already paved,
Ego tripping sunny sanctuary of my day,
I’m so slow-you are fast
You’re short term, I will last
We’re comfortable in a BoX oF BLUE

Your left-my right-meet me in the middle of the night,
Shoeshine-blue eyes, repetition rules you, do you feel surprised?
Comfort Cure- Narrow Clear-Stuck in it for years
Give it up-Get so Close-One hole will fit us both
In a Box- like it here- you are your only fear
Track Name: Simple Sound
Simple Siren, Spin me quicker,
Take me to nothing, nothing is something,
Turn off your mouth, Open Ears now,
Silence-Find it-Simple Sound
These simple strings hold this heavy ground,
Look Around,
Material decay another replay focus in and out,
How can you say it’s someone else? It’s yourself

Don’t Slip-You’ll Slide,
Thick thoughts Divide
What’s wrong? What’s right?
Get tuned inside
There’s an echo coming for your eyes,
Eatin Sleepin Lies, Surprise-
Who are you? Who are you? WHO-
ArE YoU?
Where are we? Where are we? WHERE-

AsK yourself Questions to find out,
Change is a constant when you let it out,
Under the excess material possessive
There’s something that’s seeking a real believing,
Were fooling to feel, in a mirror of movement
It’s a simple sound you have already found,
Cut the complex clown, turn around-
Find your ground

Lose yourself, just let it breathe
The Simple Sound, Will grow the Tree
Track Name: Vogene
Deep in Decay, I can feel you there
Tell me you care
Time, Gone away, holiday
It’s over now, you see how
Grown away, gone astray,
I will pray for the day when were alive, and it feels right,
Were burning bright

Disconnect, Recollect,
Who am I? Who am I?
Resurrect from my head
Come to Life, come to life
I want to GroW old with YoU,
Want to take time, want to have all of you,
But where is your love? Where is your heart now?
Wish to dream I spare the time it takes to get to you

Sober sadness, drunken madness,
I have changed my ways
Keep us healthy, make us happy,
Fill the flaws with greed
Come back to where we were at,
It was never over, you thought love would make us sober,
Now you’re gone

I want to GroW old with YoU,
Want to take time, want to have all of you,
Here is my heart, all my love for you,
Old as time I walk the line in hopes of reaching you
Track Name: Forward Feeling
Foxtrot flashgun, flake white flagstone,
Fall off the edge, you aren’t misread,

Inward Onward moving forward,
Life is a death, life is a death

Feel it Breathe it just embrace it
You will connect, you will connect

Don’t you hide, close your eyes,
When something’s missing

Wonder why, were so shallow shy,
Scared to die, wonder why, were scared to die?

Equal even being, I’m seeing
Try to, look inside, intertwine
Watch it all align, as we start to find,
TrutH in TimE, you Can’T RewinD
Track Name: In Between Invisible Lines
I look back but now I know,
The past is only but a show,
Head is spinning, thoughts too loud,
Sucked inside a somber drought,
These secrets wont come out,
The sink is dripping plastic white,
Feels like a butter knife,
And if you run run away from me,
You will run into me,
Caught in a circular shape

IdentifieD, DesensitizeD,
IN BetweeN InvisiblE LineS,
From the outside in, I’m inside out,
I need to shut it down,
Keep a quiet mind, all of the time,
All of the time,
Track Name: I Am Here You Are Now
Gender game, we all play,
Let out your animal,
Get out the cage, get out your cage,
Feel strange-We are Strange,
You are your answer, The beautiful disaster

I’m ToO MucH,
But NoT EnougH
I want you to listen,
I know you will understand,
I am here you are now- no matter how

Death dark find you,
Smile shine sun is with you,
Slow speak your soft tongue,
Keep the nudist numb,
Blank vein butterfly,
Sweeten sugared lies,
Love is lost in our liquid nation,
Your money hungry over saturated

I’m ToO MucH,
But NoT EnougH,
Just want you to listen,
I know you will understand,
True Freak Inner seek,
I am here you are now- no matter how